YouTube hasn't had much to offer lately

Wednesdays are best, because a new HB video comes out.

Currently there’s a guy who’s posted over 250 “shorts” over the past 7 days, and I’ve seen an entire page covered in nothing but his short videos.

Is this some new way of spamming? Why wouldn’t you put them together into longer videos? I can’t watch the “shorts” because most I’ve seen are vertical videos.

Why do people do that?

Stop it.


I’m just enjoying the fact that History Revisited is doing Calabash Digger’s head in. :joy::joy:. His latest video is going to give ‘ol boy a stroke.

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The only YouTube channel I am watching anymore is green mountain metal detecting when his videos come out on Fridays. No hype, half the time he doesn’t find anything spectacular, but he tells a story and has good camera/editing work which I appreciate.

I’m gonna guess all those double-cheeseburgers are gonna beat him to it.

I usually watch his videos, he does do a good job. So good in fact I feel like I’m watching a TV documentary. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I like to watch.

I like watching finds and a bit of humor. I’ve seen enough of THB to fast forward 60-90 seconds to skip the intro,

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