Wheat fields out

Loaded up at 5AM and headed to the field they just harvested, only to find it already planted in beans. I’d hunted this field a couple years ago, and wasn’t much there in the way of finds.

The plus side is, a field I’ll be hunting this fall, which I’ve not hunted, will also be planted in beans, so no cotton stubble to hunt in this fall, beans is much better.

I was going to head back home, but decided to hit the edge of a cotton field I hunted a few weeks ago, and scored a merc, and I think a wheatie or 2.

Looks like I forgot to take a pic of the cap pistol piece I’d found, so I’ll have to add it later.

Not much, a crusty wheatie, a Big Jack button, and what looks to be maybe part of a hubcap with “V8” embossed, along with a horse mane comb, and some crockery/dish pieces. Was good just to get out.

Piece of hubcap is for Ford Flathead

It’s part of a “Halco 250”

sorry for the fuzzy pic

Couldn’t find an accurate stock photo, all I saw had fancy engraving on them, they even made a Matt Dillon Gunsmoke Edition :sunglasses: