What do you carry in the way of "spares"?

Meaning as you load up for a days detecting.

Since dropping/breaking the battery holder in the new ATP, I will now carry a spare. Breaking the only one I would otherwise carry, would put an end to the day.

I want to get a spare battery door (?) or cap, whatever they call it (for ATP)

Coils is another, not so much for a concern of failure, but to take advantage of matching the coil (size) to the amount of trash a site holds.

Batteries, pretty much a given, though I always check voltage (even new ones) just prior to loading them into the detector, as well as spares. Recently purchased AA and 9v rechargeables, and am using up the last of my alkalines.

Ditto with water/snacks. This came from learning the hard way on what was initially scheduled to be a “short” hunt.

I keep a carry bag loaded with those items, so it’s just a matter of grabbing it on the way out the door.


I keep a whole extra setup in my truck. Extra pinpointer, detector, shovel and all. If something stops working or breaks, it won’t stop me from hunting! Plus it’s nice to have a loaner setup just in case a property owner wants to try out detecting.


I’m like Rattle, I keep a complete extra set of everything with me down to hand diggers and shovels. I always offer whoever gives me permissions the chance to dig with me, which has a lot of benefits and a couple downsides. The benefits are as soon as they start tearing up their own yard they think my beautiful plugs are magic. While rare, it also prevents those that want to follow me around and ask me what I dug after every good signal.


Detector,coils, pinpointers, batteries, diggers and gloves


Just ordered an extra battery cap. While there I got some silicone grease (for the O-ring), and they had lower shaft for $9 (less than half everywhere else I’d seen). I didn’t order another lower when I ordered the 5x8, glad I didn’t now.

I bring extra AA and 9V batteries and some ice water. The battery life on the rechargeables I use is actually pretty good, so I rarely have to swap anything out.

It’s cool that you all let the homeowner try out detecting. I might do that eventually when I add another detector to my arsenal.


You just reminded me of the most important thing…ice water!! A couple years ago my hydration pack dissapeared, and ever since I’ve just been lugging a big fat insulated water bottle around when detecting, but that’s a huge pain in the arse. I have other hydration packs but they are way too big. I just ordered this, one of the few insulated versions I could find that was nothing but the water and carried 3 liters. I don’t need any backpack space, just a streamlined unobtrusive hydration pack to keep me out in the sun longer.


Nice, I just bring a 1/2 gallon sports jug of ice water, and this time of year, hope all of the ice doesn’t melt too soon.

That’s basically what I’m doing now. I just find myself on the other side of the field dying of thirst, walking over to get it, taking it back with me, then finding myself far away from it again and going back to get it. Yesterday it was driving me nuts. I almost just bout a cheapo hydration pack, but my last Camelbak made it through over 4 years deployed getting beat to heck non-stop, and thought with my luck I’d end up destroying the cheapo one.

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I use a canvas tool bag and it stays loaded. I have two ponpointers, two hand diggers, two finds pouches, extra gloves and knee pads. Extra batteries and always another detector!

In my vehicle, I keep extra finds pouch, shovels/diggers, headphones. Usually bring with extra coil sizes and sometimes a spare machine

Gauntlet - you should get an RNB battery for your AT Pro. Lithium ion battery, runs for 40 hours, holds 90% of its charge for a year and is way cheaper in the end than running on AA batteries (used to run the AT series myself). Plus, you wont drop and break your plastic battery pack when you open the door Been there, done that! You can run on the RNB and if you forget to charge it, you always have the plastic garrett battery sleeve and can get AA batteries almost anywhere

I bought some Li-ion AA’s and 9V rechargables for the Tesoros. I’m still using up the alkalines I’d stocked-up on. I’ve been impressed with how long the batteries last in the ATP. I’ve hunted a few times, and still on the same set of AA’s.

LOL, and I bought 10 battery holders and an extra cap, and carry a spare.

When I’m packin plenty of ammo.

Always packin’
2-15 rnd double-stacks.