Well, we'll see how it goes

Just called and left a message regarding permission. Found a property where there once stood a Church and School in the early 40’s. No idea how long it was there before or after that.

No answer, so left a message. Keeping fingers crossed.

Also drove by the spot where the old race track was, it’s an empty field in grass which is currently short enough to hunt. I couldn’t find any contact for the owner, but upon a bit more researching of other spots, happen to find the guy’s residence on Regrid, and even recognized it from driving past it earlier.

I may drive back over in the morning to see if i can catch him around to talk with him about it. Hopefully I won’t get the “shotgun welcome”, lol.

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You can cross check the school/church location and see if it shows up on old maps on http://www.historicmapworks.com/ just type in the address or the geo coordinates (click SEARCH on top left of the age, in the black band across the top). And you can check Historic Aerials: Viewer for more modern info like aerials back to 1953 or so (depends on your area). And there is also a tab to look at topos, which often go back to 1914 or so. They sometimes have a black dot showing a building was there (but not always, even if something did exist there). Depending on your state, you supposedly can find info on http://www.mylandmatters.org/ for old locations. And the Gaiia app has maps from about 1910, 1920 that no one else seems to have. Google it and you can get a free three month trial. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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Thanks for the info, I’m sure they were there, and if they were there in the 40’s, that’s good enough to get my attention to hunt. I’d hunted other sites using the same maps (1940’s), and found coins from late 1800’s/early 1900’s.

Many counties in Mississippi lack old records because so many of the Courthouses were torched. LOL, people didn’t like the record keeping.