Well, it's gonna be a long summer

What with a new detector, 2 additional coils (Got a CORS Strike and just ordered the 5x8 Garrett), and lots of permissions (many unhunted) coming up this Fall.

Also ordered the headphone adapter, and even one of them spiffy AT Pro hats. That should let them coins and relics know I mean serious bidness.

I hate waiting.

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You just need this to stay out of the sun and get started now. :joy:

jon glaser umbrella GIF by Jon Glaser Loves Gear

Gots nowhere to go.

Ordered the above mentioned items yesterday at exactly 12:05. At 12:15 I received an email containing tracking numbers.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with how that works, and many times things don’t actually “ship” for another day or two.

Mine shipped, and scheduled to arrive Tuesday. :sunglasses:

I really do miss my camo AT Pro hat that came with my detector…one of my buddies accidentally took it to Korea with him, swore he was gonna send it back, and now I see him posting pictures all the time with him wearing it. I told him he’s what my grandma would call a snake in the grass :joy:

Was meaning to tell you, on the topic of hats, the one in the package is unworn.

Couldn’t force myself to wear it.

Dang, I only bought the darn thing because I was hoping to get a Simplex hat that YOU WORE!!!

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Sorry, I should have signed it.

But then I’d have had to worry about it popping up on feebay.