Useful Map Sites

Feel free to share yours!

This one has multiple date ranges, and at least in my location, has been extremely helpful due to all the Courthouse fires destroying old records and maps.

This one can help identify land owners, to aid in possible permissions, or as I’ve also found useful, properties owned by the town.

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Good Stuff! I haven’t seen the Esri Topo Explorer site before.

I’ll add the most widely know, but it may help someone completely new.

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LIDAR, No downloading, browse like Google Earth

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Looks like the old plat map has the track on the wrong side of the road.

This just showed me the importance of LIDAR

Screenshot 2022-06-21 174904

Site for Map Symbols. It was the only one I found that identified a triangle with a black dot in the center, which is a “Triangulation Station”.

One I still haven’t identified is the this one.
Screenshot 2022-06-24 072029

ETA: “Gaging station”, Just found it here:

What’s happening here? Anyone else having issues with this?

Cool thanks.


Whatever the issue was above, seems to have resolved itself, or been fixed. Maybe they were updating? Just used it, and it’s back to working now.