Treated Myself to a New Shovel

I love everything about my current shovel but the weight. My current shovel is the Anaconda NX-6, and even though it’s advertised at 4.92 pounds mine clocks in at 5.87 pounds. It is built like an absolute tank, but after 5 hours of detecting I’m kind of wore out lugging it aroud.

I really wanted to get a Predator Phoenix, because it’s both light and I’ve heard numerous people rave about the curved blade shape, but it was simply too short for me. I think it’s 33", and I’m 6’4" and that’s just too much bending for me over a long hunt. Well, I just disovered from a random YouTube video that Predator Tools makes a longer handled shovel with that same exact blade design, called the Hurricaine. If it’s at it’s advertised 3 pounds it will also save me 3 pounds and get me 2" of legnth from what I’m currently using. Pricey, but if it lasts as long as people say and my Anaconda it will be worth it.

I got a Spartan and haven’t decided if I want to lengthen it, or just order a longer one and sell it. It’s 34", and I’m 6’2". I wanted a D-handle. Should have got something in a 40" length.

Let us know how you like it once you’ve used it a while. I might have to try one. Been using a Predator Barracuda for years, but that curved blade looks interesting.

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Will do Sir. The hype got to me, and it was one of the lightest shovels with a super long handle. I’m picky, so I’ll give you a super critical review :joy:

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Cool Tool

If anyone plans to get one, I’d probably do it ASAP as it seems supplies (on about everything) are extremely limited. I’d looked around some, and many are out of stock. Don’t have a clue if/when that will be resolved. Even Predator’s site is OOS on many items, and they build them.

I’m making my own tools. I’m in the process of making my diggers from an old lawn mower blade.
Making it in a Hori Hori style. I picked up a tile shovel that I’ll be shortening and modding the blade on.

I used to do the same, when I had more room.

Now it’s just easier and about as cheap to buy.

Been looking around at stuff (MD online stores), and looks like most are out of stock on a lot of shovels.