Took the ATP out for a maiden voyage this morning

Went to a ball field I’d hunted before, the one where the caretaker had mentioned getting me a permission elsewhere. I pulled in about 7AM, his truck and a couple others were parked next to the pole building. Door was open so I went in.

Evidently a few of them gather for coffee and a biscuit each morning, so I sat down and had half a cup of coffee. He said he’d been meaning to call me, about the permission. He said he needed to take a weedeater out and knock some of it down, and drew me a map and gave me his number in the event anyone said anything, I knew right where it was.

So I hit the ball field, dug $2.77 in about an hour. Decided I was going to run home, grab the weedeater, and go to the shack he told me about. After an hour of making short weeds out of tall ones, I swung the detector for about an hour. MAJOR trash everywhere, and as a bonus, power lines right over the entire (narrow) property.

Had an 11:00 appointment, so left to grab a shower to make that. I plan to go back tomorrow and take the predator, as I didn’t intend to hunt today, but whacking the weeds took less that I expected.

Had a solid 85, thought for sure I had at least a penny…nope, the flat washer you see in the pic. LOL, oh well. I think we may get some rain tonight/tomorrow, I hope, as the ground is dry and hard as hell there. Plan to remove a bunch of the trash to see if there’s anything there. No place else to hunt currently, so just as well be there than home.

Todays finds:

And after Gauntlets Lawn Service cleared the way:
On the right of the house in the 1st pic, you can see the pole for the power lines. I’m standing by another, and there are several of them in a row, right over the house.

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Weather yesterday called for rain last night and this morning. OK, ground’s dry and hard, so not a bad thing, I’ll go back Friday. This mornings weather said no rain 'til noon.

Had stuff ready in the barn anyway, so I loaded up and got there about 6:30. This time I took my limb loppers, and a garden rake to do a bit more cleanup around the shack to allow me a bit more area to detect,

So about an hour later I had most of the limbs you see in the post above, moved into the treeline, I even cleared a path along the side of the house closest to the trees, looking to gain any advantage possible.

So cleanup tools in the truck, pouch on, detector in hand and dialed in. After about 5 minutes, here comes the thunder and rain. So I stood on the front porch so try and stay mostly dry, and hoped it would quickly blow over. About 15 minutes later it did. So back out I went.

I’ll admit, after yesterday, I had serious doubts about finding anything here, just one of those feelings. And they were right, I dug half a 5 gallon bucket of beer cans, pulltabs, scrap metal, sardine and vienna sausage tins, amongst other assorted junk. Rain was coming back in so I headed for home.

Now, I don’t regret the cleanup I did, and here’s why. Guy was nice enough to hook me up. It will save him the time of doin it this go-round, and the next time he cuts grass there, it’ll be a little easier for him. Don’t think it was all about him, and I was seeking no benefit from it. For one, being retired ,gave me something to do and I like being active. The guy will likely remember what I did, and possibly lead to more permissions down the road, and if not, that’s fine too. And lastly, I could have just as easily pulled a few coins out of there, as opposed to getting skunked. You don’t get every time, and this was just one of those times. And I’d do it all again.

This mornings pics

Not sure why it looks so out of focus, unless there was a drop of rain on the lens? Power lines running right over house, and the yard was only as wide as the clear cut.

Must have had Macro setting on or something (just checked, it was, DOH!). Oh well, glad it wasn’t a pic of Bigfoot or a UFO…

Brush gone at front porch and piled of pine needles removed.