Todays clad

Cut out early this AM, drove by wheat fields, all still untouched. That put me close to the hog farm (which was the last new site I’d hunted, where the farmer let me into the bean field while they were planting), so I looked there. and it had been planted as well.

So, off to the initial plan, of the ball diamonds for some clad. $5.72 (one penny was still in pouch) total for about 3 hours. I hit 3 spills, 1 with 3 quarters, 1 with 3 dimes, and the third with a dime and 2 pennies.

A good time was had, and after a rough day of detecting (lol), Friday nights usual of pizza and a couple cold ones, will be be in celebration of todays clad! Dilly Dilly!

The day wasn’t without a casualty. Bought this Fiskars Hori-Hori a few years ago, don’t remember ever using it, so I thought I’d give it a try. I was kind of liking it, until the 2nd hole.

Good thing I also carried the Wilcox as back-up (usually primary)

Hit up Fiskars support via email with a pic and they’ll send you a new one. Mine was relegated to light garden duty and newcomers, though luckily it has held up well to both so far.

Hell, I’d just break a replacement, lol I’ve got one I can’t break, I’ll stick to it.

Not the 1st $20 I’ve thrown away.

Funny thing is, after the rain, the ground there was pretty soft.

Went ahead and filed warranty, figure I’ll give it away to someone who has more forgiving soil the I do. That is assuming they replace it.