Today's clad hunt

Got the 5x8 Garrett coil for the ATP yesterday and was itchin’ to try it out. So off the the ball fields I’d hunted a couple times already.

I like this coil, and having hunted this field recently, and covering the exact same areas I’d already located some (clad) coin concentrations, I’ve no doubt this coil pulled some I’d missed, due to the amount of trash in the areas as well.

I’m also extremely happy with the ATP, and as much of a shock as this may be, I can’t wait for Fall :persevere:

To the best of my counting abilities (using both fingers and toes), I counted:
30 Quarters
21 Dimes
4 Nickels
9 Pennies
For a total of $9.79.

So today I made about $3.33/hr.

Deduct a gallon of gas and cut my “wages” in about half, lol.

Enjoyed the morning, rain tomorrow, and mid 90* temps next week.

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Finding the clad helps on the cost of gas.

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That’s a nice clad total. I think the most I have ever found in one outing is about $5.

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That’s a nice haul!

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You’re gonna be speedo ready after all them squats

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Agreed, and every bit helps these days.

The Caretaker told me, the very 1st time I detected there, that it had been detected before. I’m guessing they used a stick with a paper plate taped to the end.


No squatting, knees can’t take it. I bend at the waist. If I knelt that much, I wouldn’t be able to walk, seriously.


Oh, was also told the wheat harvest has begun in some fields. So I’ll be putting the detector in the truck when I go check, because it’s going to be a short window if I can even catch the right time.