Tinkering with external speaker and volume control for AT Pro

I’d made mention in another thread about summertime sweaty ears and it’d be nice if Garrett would have put a volume control on the ATP. Meh, I guess that’s how you sell more detectors.

This is strictly “experimental”, so feel free to laugh. If it doesn’t work I’m out nothing but a bit of time, which I have nothing but. The parts I had already.

Im going to order an adapter cable any way (to 1/4") so I can use my own 'phones, as I like the single cup sometimes, especially when a little extra surrounding hearing is required.

Small, approximately 2" diameter, and maybe 2.5" long (ETA: I measured, it’s 2"x2"). Depending on how it sounds, I’m looking at strapping it onto the armcuff, or possible even putting a clip on it to carry on belt or elsewhere, all just depends on it it even works well enough.

That’s pretty cool. That is why I use earbuds in the summer, can’t stand over the ears. I know a guy selling the Garrett wireless kit to use any earbuds you want :joy: :joy: :joy:

Nothing wired-up inside it yet. I want to see how it fits to the detector first.

Honestly, I don’t know if I could take something physically stuck in my ears, I thing that would bother me more than the sweat.

Hell, if I went with wireless phones, I’m liable to get home and realize my detector’s still in the field. LOL

Is the wireless kit the Garrett MD 3 Z Lynk

Yep, I have the full kit with both the headphones and the transceiver and receiver to use your own headphones. Just haven’t got around to taking pics to list it for sale.

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