This Guy - Groundhog's Day 😂

Cletus must really live in his own version of groundhog day. How many times is he going to swear to never use a Nokta Makro product again?

Last time he did this, Friendly Forum’s favorite in-bred also swore off ever using a Nokta Makro product again. Wonder if he’ll follow in lock step with his master this time. You poor guys that still hang out on Friendly’s can only dream :joy: :rofl:

What a miserable ass wipe…

CD and TN are cut out of the same mold.

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I made it about 20 seconds into the video and had to bail. Just cannot stand him.

I think he is well into a defamation of character lawsuit.

Questions I have?

  1. Why is his test garden full of coins? When he goes detecting he finds “relics”. Shouldn’t his test garden be full of relics?

  2. How many silver coins does he actually find a year?

  3. How come when a new detector comes out, the old detector suddenly will not hit the coins in the test garden any more.

  4. Why do you have such bad coil control? One video at the plantation, the front of the coil is 5” off the ground and the rear of the coil is touching the ground. Are you leading the target like shooting ducks. I will have to try that.

He is like a professional bass fisherman doing reviews on tackle. When he goes fishing, he only catches carp. Sorry carp, I didn’t mean to insult you.

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At what point are manufacturers going to start making detectors to pass all the stupid testing the YouTubers are doing?

I want a detector that works in the field. I don’t care about all the air testing being done. These air tests have very little to do with a coin that’s been in the ground 100 years.

I also don’t have a problem with wild steel wool growing in my area. Yes, a tester was testing with steel wool.

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The basher and his puppet claim to be experts at detecting. How can anyone gain knowledge about detecting if they don’t ever detect. All they seem to do is their staged test and blab on all the forums.
I think about every day they get up and say hey look at me.
Stupid idiots!!!


Hiya all. Apparently he turned down a Minelab NDA. I call BS

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He’s so full of it.