Tesoro Vaquero

Selling individually, but will consider “package” price. Sorry, no online payments, USPS Money Orders only.

Also, each detector will have 1-set of the dual volume control headphones (I have listed in the accessories classifieds) included.

All hand grips have been replaced.

Vaquero- Stock, no box or manual (way I purchased). 9x8 (Delta 4-pin) coil.
$250 Delivered, lower 48.

SOLDCibola- Has ground balance mod, essentially making it a Vaquero many have stated. In factory box with manual, and 9x8 coil (Delta 4-pin).
$200 delivered, lower 48.

Edit 6/12: I’m unlisting this. Since my DeLeon is out of service I need a back-up.
Compadre- Perfect tot-lot’r. Has been modified to accept coil changes (other 5-pin Epsilon) with factory connector added to control box. I added external volume control in the event you don’t wish to wear headphones. It also has the 3-D Mod (you can Google it if unfamiliar). Comes in factory box, with manual, and 6" coil .

$150 shipped, lower 48.

SOLDHave 2 coils, each sold with a lower rod. A 6" Concentric, and the 12x10 ( I believe was how they called it), also including lower rod. Both Delta (4-pin) coils and are compatible with Both Vaquero and Cibola.
Choice of either, $60 delivered, would do $100 for both since shipping would be combined (as well as 2 birds/one stone).

I am considering getting a vaquero as a backup detector… Trying to mentally justify it to myself :joy:

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PM sent on the two coils.


Both coils and lower rods sold pending funds. SOLD

Also, I did find a manual for the Vaquero I’d printed from online.

Cibola is also SOLD