Sorting posts

On topics with many replies I see new statements come in at the bottom.
Can replies be sorted to see most recent at the top?

When I click on a thread title in the “latest” threads (on the right side of the screen), it automatically takes me to the last post.

If I go to a specific board, and click on a thread title, it also takes me to the latest post.

That said, your question is best answered by Chris, as I’m not sure how board functions differ between Staff and Members.


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You’re welcome!

Did what I’d mentioned above work the same for you?

That way I’d know if my view and yours function the same.

No, I see the oldest first and need to scroll down to see the most recent.

Not a big deal.

I know Chris is busy, so I’m sure he’ll give you a better response than I could when he has time.

ETA: PC or phone?

The short answer is not right now, the long answer is you will be able to sometime in early August when I migrate the site over to a self-hosted platform and I can install unlimited amounts of plugins without paying a fortune. I’d love to do it now but it will be an all day event and my work is madness until the first week of August when a new guy comes in that I’ve been backfilling.

One easy way to get to the recent posts is there is a time slider on the right hand side of the posts, you can grab that and with a quick flick down be at the most recent posts. That is what I’ve been doing until I can get the plugin installed.

Got it, thanks