Since it's slow everywhere

And I’m bored…

Do you put your arm through the strap on your arm cuff on your detector?

Leave the strap on, but lay your arm over it,

Or never had it never will (never put it in place, or removed it completely)?

Me, I’m #2, don’t use it, but it’s there.

Since I’d made a post elsewhere about gas price coming down a bit, at what point will you start venturing out a bit more to detect?

My truck gets 15mpg, so I’d do a 50-60 mile round trip, if I had a place in that range to go. That would equate to about $20, and right now, with summertime cabin fever, I’d pay someone locally $20 to hunt their property if it looked promising enough, and had the age.

How, or do you “organize” your researched sites?

After doing an overlay on Google Earth, I drop pins where structures once sat, and print them, then slide them into protective plastic cover sheets and add them to a 3 ring binder.

Front pages are “needing permission”, and behind a divider page, the back ones are those which I already have permission for.

No way I could so it on a phone, even with my new Storm Trooper magnifying headgear, I’d go cross-eyed like the dude on Spaceballs…

I do have an old Chromebook I could take with me, and hot spot off my new fangled phone now, I’d have a better chance of seeing the screen on that, in the event a possible site popped-up while I was out…say I caught a farmer in a neighboring field while out detecting, or something like that.

Feel free to add questions of your own. We’re supposed to get some rain over the next few days, so next week I may go scratch out some clad.

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I use the arm strap with my detector because I found my wrist gets sore more easily without it.

My car gets around 30 mpg (Honda Fit), but I typically don’t venture outside a 10 mile radius from my house anyways. I have plenty of nice parks and house sites close to home.

For marking sites, I enter the coordinates into Google Maps and save and label the pin. Then when I zoom out, I can see all of the pins I have created in my area.

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I might try it this fall, at least with the big coil. I did rig-up a bungee on the shoulder rig pouch to try out. I’ll be spending several hours at a time detecting once the beans and cotton come out this Fall.

Locally, places here are extremely limited. Farm ground is the best option.

lol, I get teased alot about being “old school”…paper and pencil.

I never use the strap to put my arm in.

Always use the cuff strap