Simplex+ whp $150 shipped SOLD

Purchased early March 2022. Used less than 10 hours, don’t care for it.

Modified middle shaft, so it will need replaced which will cost you an additional $20-25.

** Again, note there is NO MIDDLE SHAFT included.**

I don’t think I need to rehash the issue with the lower shaft, it’s included and as useable as it was from the factory. By that I mean I considered it soft with too much flex, so a carbon fiber lower is something else you may want to consider, last I knew, around $30.

So a midshaft purchase will be required, the lower a call on your part. Only restating to be sure it’s made clear.

I’d take $150 delivered with tracking and insurance to lower 48 (new is $250+), USPS Money Order is the only form of acceptable payment, (sorry, don’t have/use paypal.)

Comes in factory box.

(I’d be open to work a swap on a 5x8 coil for Garrett AT Series.)

Post any questions you have.


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Man, that price is great. Whoever buys it can buy an almost new middle rod from me for the price of shipping. Well, it’s a Legend middle rod, but I believe they are interchangeable.

Man, I’ve been chewing on this since last night, I’ll take it. I’m always bringing military and vets out detecting with me and don’t have enough detectors when I have a couple that are friends and are interested in going together.

I have to transfer money from my paypal to bank to cut a money order (I hide my funny money from the wife in Paypal :rofl:), so it will probably take until Tuesday until I can mail you the money order with it being Memorial Day weekend.

Sounds good Chris, will send info.