Should Digalicous Buy a Deus 2?

@Digalicious Since I can’t reply over in Narnia, wanted to offer you my thoughts on this topic you posted there. I’ll copy and paste your questions with my thoughts underneath Should I buy a Deus II? - Friendly Metal Detecting Forums

  1. Can the X/Y screen distinguish between most pull tabs and a gold ring? That’s about the only thing that is important to me about the X/Y screen, unless you know of some other advantage of the X/Y screen.

Answer: It can for some pull tabs. You can probably reduce your pull tab dig rate by at least 50 percent, maybe as high as 70-80 percent, but I haven’t done any exact data gathering sessions tracking pull tab dig rate with and without. I did some rough estimates looking at wrap up pictures and piles of pull tabs, as I’m a consistent pull tab digger the first 2 hours of every hunt in places I can expect there to be rings in the dirt (sports fields, places where people exercise, places where people gather to do yoga, etc). Using the XY screen you can pretty consistently ID pull tabs that still have the middle can connection piece for modern pull tabs, and the triangle piece ripped from the can in vintage pull tabs. If those parts of the pull tab are missing, the pull tab will skunk the XY screen and display like a ring. I’ve done blind testing with my daughter rearranging rings and pull tabs with those aforementioned pieces still in tact, and I can ID the pull tab every time over the ring. but yeah, once those connection pieces to the can are missing and the pulltab is circular it rings up just like a ring in the XY screen. So far, it’s been working good for me in exercise fields with high a rate of ring loss. One hunt resulted in this haul:

  1. Does the D2 detect significantly deeper than any other decent detector? I seriously doubt it does, just due to the general physics of how detectors work. You can only transmit so much electromagnetic energy into the ground, before the disadvantages of doing so, begin to outweigh the advantages. I’m thinking that power limit has already been met many years ago. Granted, depth is actually the least of my concerns. My main concern is separation and unmasking ability, which of course are related, and leads me to my next question.

It’s not significantly deeper, and with the last Legend update the gap has closed quite a bit, so now it’s nominal.

  1. Does the D2 separate and unmask significantly better than detectors like the Legend or the Nox? For example, I’m currently hunting an old exhibition grounds, that is loaded with rusted nails. Yet, I’ve learned how to use my Legend to the point that I’m able to isolate the coins among the rusted nails. It’s common for me to sniff out a coin in which there are 1, 2, or 3 rusted nails in the same plug/hole…and that’s even with the Legend having a high iron bias preset. I can see how other detectors can do the same, but I can’t see them doing it significantly better.

In their current versions, the D2 separates a little better in contrived testing, though I’ve been able to arrange tests that the Legend passed and the D2 couldn’t. In the wild I’ve taken them both out to some super difficult fields with carpets of iron, and still haven’t found a target yet that the D2 got that skunked the Legend. I can tell you that I personally wouldn’t weigh a decision on separation, especially with the Iron Bias update coming for those that want to risk digging more falsed iron with the benefit of pulling every single good masked target. I personally would rather use that time digging more good targets than exploring every last janky and iffy target, but I know everyone is different in that regard. I can say that to get the Deus 2 to the point where I can cherry pick in confidence the same way as the Legend, I have to dial in settings that bring the Deus 2 to performing exactly like the Legend. In it’s current state, all that crazy D2 separation and extra depth comes at the expense of iffy signals.

  1. Does the D2 handle ground mineralization better than any other SMF detector? I can’t see how it could, because SMF filtering ground mineralization doesn’t require complex hardware or software. As such, it seems to me that most, if not all SMF detectors should be able to filter out ground mineralization fairly equally.

I don’t think so, nothing that I’ve noticed really. I’m in mineralized ground, at least I think I am usually averaging around 85-89 on the ground balance. All the multi-freq seem to operate the same to me in regards to how they handle ground mineralization.

One thing that I’ll mention though is EMI. The D2 handles EMI significantly better than the Legend in it’s current state. I was out with both on Saturday, originally planned on using the Legend but I couldn’t get it stable even setting sensitivity down below 19. Single freq was fine, but the area was super mineralized. I was able to run the D2 in that same site maxed out at 99. But I did detect in one site directly under powerlines where the D2 wouldn’t run even close to stable in anything but Fast 40, and the Legend cruised along just fine at 25.

  1. With the Legend’s Ferrocheck, I can correctly identify most ferrous objects (especially steel bottle caps) up to about 6 or 7 inches. Is the X/Y screen similar to Ferrocheck in that regard? Note: I would never use the D2’s bottle cap reject, because it is a ferrous filter that will cause me to miss good targets. I run all my detectors as wide open as possible. I need to hear everything when I’m picking out coins amongst the trash. Especially ferrous trash.

The D2 has a basically the same thing as Ferrocheck, it’s just shaped like a horseshoe instead of expanding out left and right. They seem on par with each other…the D2 seems to work deeper than the Legend but I haven’t done any direct deliberate testing, just a feeling after use. You can actually run the D2 BC reject at 1 without completely knocking any targets out, it just makes them crunchy, but I get the sentiment.

  1. I’m getting old, weak, and even grumpier than I normally am lol. Is the D2 much more comfortable to use than than the Legend or other detectors?

Yes and no. The D2 is definitely light, but for me personally something is off balance wise. I fixed some of that with a coil centering adapter I 3D print, but it’s still a little weird for me. Maybe because all the weight is on the coil and there is no counter balance, but it hits me in the forearm/tennis elbow area more than the Legend. That could also be because I’m 6’4", use tall man middle rods, and have a crazy long wide swinging arc. But yeah, it is light, it packs up tiny, and relatively comfortable to swing if I pay attention to take breaks and stretch it out.

I have at this time about an equal amount of time between the Legend and D2, and have used both the 11" and the 9" coils on the D2 at almost an equal amount of time. I have considered selling the D2 and putting the money towards another hobby/project, or possibly towards one of those Nemo dive hookah things. But right now I like it well enough to keep it, and seem to be using it 50/50 split with the legend. Feel free to ask anything that comes to mind, I’ll try to answer as impartial as I can.


Good info on the D2. I’m happy with my Nox and don’t water hunt so no need for something much more expensive that is not light years ahead, although I am considering getting a Legend.


That was a very thorough and informative reply FB. Thank you!

I’ll reply to it in detail when I have more time later today, but for now, I have a quick question. Are you Chris MD on FMDF?

Yep, that’s me! Hahaha. I just made my handle here match my YouTube channel.

Excellent. I was hoping you would reply.

I’m permanently banned from Friendlys. To be fair to them, they put me on a 30 day ban for simply mentioning that I had started this forum as a reply to someone that sarcastically said, “If you don’t like the rules start your own forum”. To be critical to them, I asked after the 30 day ban that they delete my account and posts, and like petulant children the admins are not honoring that request.

Unfortunately, starting any type of discussion forum, is an uphill battle (usually a lost battle) when there is already at least 1 well established discussion forum for a niche market. Reason being, posters want a lot of active members to get as many replies as possible.

I’m still looking into the X/Y screen, but it seems you’re referring to the round pull tabs and not the rectangular pull tabs. For some reason, I hardly dig the round pull tabs. It’s the rectangular pull tabs that really annoy me. Then again, I only hunt for rings on land as a last resort detecting option.

You can ID out the rectangular modern tabs as long as they come off the can like the below, with the center piece still intact. And you’re right about the forum, but I got to the point where I’d rather sit in a forum with a handful of folks than a super populated one full of idiocracy. But it may just end up me and Gauntlet in here talking to each other about our sciatica :joy: :rofl:

Lol. Agreed on the idiots, but also the fanboys making outlandish claims about their particular flavor of detector. However, FMDF isn’t too bad for that compared to the Facebook detecting pages.

I can’t seem to ID those out, because even those types of pull tabs have differing shapes. Given that shape thing, along with the blue ones, the gold ones, and how they’re positioned in the ground, then as such, they seem to fall over a large range of the ID scale. Sure I can ID them out when cherry picking, but not if I want to find gold rings.

Not to veer-off here, but while that may be true, I think members want to be treated fairly and equally, not the way some of us witnessed elsewhere. What applies to one, should apply to all.

Anytime anyone here feels that’s not the case, please make a thread about it and it will be addressed publicly, in that thread, for all to see, not through PMs, hidden from everyone else.

This site is here for that exact purpose, not to try and gain as many members as possible. Quality, not quantity.

Sorry for the sidetrack.


And we have built in GIF support, hahahahaha. That automatically makes us the best.

To Freedom

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I agree completely, but a new forum still needs to gain a decent quantity of members that have knowledge of various detectors and detecting types. The hard part, is building up that base quantity.

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I agree, that’s why I’m resorting to bribery, I’ll buy their love :partying_face: But if it ends up just being a couple of us here, I’ll be ok with that too.



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Yes and no. I mean, if you’re out to “corner the market”, sure. If you simply want to provide a spot for others who share the same affection fort the hobby, there are still other places to to gain info from.

One site, don’t care who it is, isn’t going to “have it all”.

Point being, I just ran across this, because like everyone else, I read other forums as well (just one less now).

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I think I said this somewhere on here, but I’m not sure, so sorry if it’s repetitive. I’m definitely not shooting for quantity, quality is more important. But I know some quality people might not give it a chance if quantity is too low. So I’d like to build at least enough of a base that quality will give it a chance.

I used to do internet marketing and website ranking as a side hustle, and I’m working right now to rank the site on the first page of google and then towards the top of the first page for the keyword “metal detecting”. I’m about ready to dump a couple hundred bucks into Amazon Mechanical Turks and put a small countries worth of people to work backlinking the site for those keywords.