I just received my titanium dune scoop and it is light, very light. The welds on look like this no weld at all on it. I will be testing out tonight.

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What model, price?

Add your opinion after using it. I plan to get one “someday”, but not in a hurry.

The only thing that would make it better, is they need to add the bolt & Nut for the handle. Also make the hole for it at least 1/4 inch instead 3/16".

Dune Scoops Titanium Beach Sand Scoop 1.5mm Titanium Sheet /10 mm Hexahedron…

Dune Scoops Titanium Beach Sand Scoop 1.5mm Titanium Sheet /10 mm Hexahedron Holes

Price: $249.00


Length: 11.5″/290 mm
Width: 8″/200 mm
Height: 4.3″/110 mm
Hole: 0.28″/10 mm (hexahedron)
Top Hole ~ approx 1.2 inch / 30.5mm (Due to handmade work internal diameter can vary within 1.2-1.225 inch /30.5-31.1mm). We strongly recommend using this model by poles from Dune Scoops or other poles with a diameter of 1.2 inches. Also, you can use additional electrical tape as a sealing layer on your poles.
Weight:  675 grams (1 lb 8 oz)

*All our Dune Sandscoops are handmade, therefore individual variations in color and markings should be appreciated as part of the unique quality of the product. Please note that we attempt to provide accurate photos of every single style and color, but your order may vary slightly from the one pictured

Here is the link for them:

Thanks for info. I’ve been buying a bit from serious after being less than pleased with a site sponsor from elsewhere. Wished I’d have got my last couple detectors elsewhere as well.

I’d probably seen that scoop, as I’d looked at them there a number of times. I didn’t plan to spend that much for a 1st scoop, especially for the area I live in, as I’m not even sure there are many places to hunt in the water.

I looked more at the $100-125 stainless range. Not really in the market at the moment, but would still be interested in how you like it after using it a bit.

Hope you find some goodies with it, and when you do, post pics, lol.

I was able to get out to the beach last night. I used the new titanium scoop and wow what a big difference it makes. I can take a full scoop of wet sand and it is not that heavy at all. I was able to use it last night without hurting my shoulder ,arm, neck for carrying it.

I wished i would of bought one when i first got back into metal detecting. To me it is worth the money you spend on one of them.

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The more that i have used this scoop, the off i am. It’s so light and i can take a full scoop of wet sand and dump easily with one hand now.