Rosie dimes

Who worries about finding them? I could care less about finding them. I would rather find two Mercs than ten Rosies. They are silver but, I don’t care. To me they aren’t much better than clad.

I’ll gladly accept any form of silver no one wants :wink:

Besides, “Rub that Merc” isn’t near as catchy as “Rub that Rosie”.

ETA: Today, I’d have been happy with some clad. lol

I don’t have a problem because my Merc finds outnumber Rosies 10-1 for some reason.


It’s funny, and I’ve thought about this before. For me, I was excited to find my 1st clad, then a wheatie, thenLC’s and IHC’, silvers, 1800’s, etc.

After a while you just always want to evolve to the “next on the list” finds.

Clad, sure I’ll go dig it once in a while, just for something to dig. I’ll still give a wheatie some attention, because we all know if they’re there, odds are so is silver. Still love finding IHC’s, and naturally everything prior.

I have some bucket-listers, may never find them.

But looking and never knowing if one’s in the next hole is part of the fun.