Return trip yields more goodies

Went back to a house I had visited the week prior and found a nice token and tons of modern coins. Took the girlfriend with and her first signal was a 1960 quarter, which i thought was amusing because I had hit it for 3-4 hours before and hadn’t found any silver.
As before, the modern clad was all over the place, with a fair amount on the actual surface. All of it is covered in corrosion or gunk, so I wonder what’s in that ground that everything is so toast. Managed to pull a ton of matchbox cars, a few wheats, a 39 merc that looks like it was in a fire and an 1898 Indian, a 37 buffalo nickel, plus another cool token. There’s still tons of stuff there, its just infested with trash and targets. Hope to get some heavy rain and see what its like with moist ground.



Congrats, nice finds! I wish we would get some rain. Dirt digging is impossible right now.


Wish i had your luck coins seem to be evading me

nice finds

Nice variety of finds, looks like there is no shortage of signals there.