Quick Hunt with the Legend

Got the Legend out for a bit to cherry pick some high tones. Ran it in 60 tones Park flipping in between M1 and M2. Everything I dug is shown, not one trash target this hunt. Ring ran up exactly like a dime.


Nice! Looks like that rings been in the ground a while.


Yep, its stamped 925.

That’s one of those rare dolphin rings!

Were you utilizing Ferrocheck?

What was that ring’s VDI? I have been cherry picking at a few parks-only digging over 41. Pretty consistently getting moderns. I’m wondering if I’m missing out on older stuff with lower VDIs or jewelry?

I was, I chose only to dig things that didn’t go beyond one bar towards the ferrous side…I could have probably swung a little deeper into the ferrous sides as the place was iron loaded, but cherry picking was the goal this go around.

The ring was a a 44-46. Yeah, if you want relics and gold jewelry you’ll have to drop it down, but if you’re just looking to cherry pick high conductors 41 isn’t a bad a place to start. I actually pushed it up to 44 as my dig threshold as was just shooting for Memorials and higher.

Hi Cloaca.

For cherry picking, I utilize Ferrocheck and the ID the same way FB does. I also use Park mode and 4 tone. The four tone is high tone for 40 and above on the ID. Yes, I can change it, but I’m kind of like, “meh, it’s fine” :slight_smile:

I use All Metal for the discrimination pattern. I want to hear everything, so that I can more easily hone in and isolate the good target. It also makes it easier to tell if there is another target in the detection field.

I’ve dug very small silver coins that will go as low as 42. If the old stuff is there, you should be able to get it. However, the old coins are just getting deeper and deeper, making them more and more inaccessible. Then of course is all the trash / modern coins that are above and around the deeper old coins.

EDIT: I also use 20 khz and not SMF. With a single frequency, there’s much less EMI, and I think the single frequency separates the trash better due to much less processing than SMF. However, I could be imagining the latter lol.

G ood reply Digalicious. I’ll also add that finding silver in publicly accessible areas in and around Baltimore/surrounding counties is super rare. The detecting community here in Maryland is heavily populated and super active. If you’re hunting publicly accessible spots your best bet is concealed carrying into Baltimore parks with a buddy that others are scared to go into. I hit one of those up recently and did EXTREMELY well, but I didn’t post about it on Facebook because there is another Baltimore park hunter that does extremely well and I didn’t want him beating me back there. It was sketchy as all heck, had a bunch of weird encounters, but ultimately ended up fine.


Did you see my post about the exhibition grounds and all the silver I’m finding? Well, it’s surrounded by a 7 ft chain link fence that’s all locked up after the workers go home. I can’t hunt it during the day, so I have to improvise. I wear all black clothing, go there at night, and climb over the fence :grinning:

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I didn’t see it but will check it out. And LMAO, I’d do the same
Good Morning Hello GIF by Saturday Night Live

I’m all James Bond “covert” like.

I drop my shovel over first, then lower the detector over using a fishing line that I tied to the coil :joy:

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It’s all good until Omar from The Wire rolls through…off topic-but have your watched “we own this city” on HBO? It’s about the infamous Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force but produced by David Simon (The Wire)? It’s a good watch, but holy crap is BMore screwed up.

Yep, that show is in my rotation. It’s really good, kind of mind blowing that stuff went on for so long.

Well done, looks like the Legend did pretty good for you