Quick day down by the river

I researched an old river crossing and went out to swing for a little bit. I only made it out for about an hour before I had some serious lightning and had to evac. Anyway, alot of trash, but I hit my personal oldest coin- 1818 large cent. It is rough and almost completely toasted, but I managed to make the date readable in the correct light, lol. Anyone have any ideas how I can improve the coin or contrast what is exposed?


Nice find, I’ve never found a large cent.

A trick I use is to hold a flashlight at a 90 degree angle to the coin so that you are shining light across the surface of the coin. This creates a lot of contrast so that the details are very visible.

As for cleaning the coin, I don’t how much more you will be able to clean it up without really altering it. There is a cleaning method described on this thread that uses toothpicks, q-tips, and vaseline: Cleaning Old Coppers - Friendly Metal Detecting Forums. I have also heard of a product called Andre’s pencils.

Congrats man!! Unfortunately, you can’t do much to clean it up when it’s been the water that long. It’s your coin so proceed as you wish, and others may cringe, but my Liberty cap was corroded bad, so I used 0000 steel wool on it to get a date. It looks good afterwards and you really can’t tell what I did.


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Thanks guys. I am realizing that water=less pressure and more finds, but also more corrosion. I’m not a purist regarding coins at all and don’t care about resale value. If it makes the coin more visible to me–thats all that matters.

Would steel wool possibly reveal more?