Ordered some support for my AT Pro

Since purchase and watching videos, I’ve seen several complaints about the way the control box mounting was engineered. Unimpressive to say the least.

That said, I wonder how many of those whose broke, were a bit rougher with them than they’d admitted. Either way, while so far I like the ATP, one of the things I really dislike is the lack of clearance from the control box to the shaft. This makes getting the battery cap on/off, a PITA due to the camlock, as well as the connections for the 'phones and coil. It’s entirely to close.

So in order to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, I ordered a kit from Outlaw Metal Detectors, from watching one being installed on a YT video. There was another piece I liked as well, but did nothing to change the shaft clearance and was 2x the price.

This was $15 + $9 shipping .

I’ll update when I get it and put it on. Oh, they also come in gloss black, which was what I ordered.

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Ughhhhh, you totally forgot you know a guy (ahem, cough cough, me) who could have done this for you for the low low price of $3.50, which is what shipping would have cost to you.


LOL, because you need more stuff to do?


It’s literally 3 minutes worth of work for me…I already have my own version of this bracket. So pull the file up in my computer, slice it, and send it to 3D printer. Oh, add another 3 minutes to bubble wrap it up.

I always got 6 minutes for ya buddy.

I didn’t know it was something you’d already crafted. You need to advertise some of your wares on the Classifieds.

How are the AT Coil ear supports going?

I’d be interested in those if it’s something you’re going to do.

Outlaw says “Vet Owned”, so it’s all good.

I have the one finished for an AT Pro with broken coil ears. I never made a coil support for one without broken ears, the way Garret’s ears are laid out and lower shaft is designed I didn’t see it getting any benefit. I dug in and searched pretty hard and could only find a handful of ears that actually broke, so I figured with how many AT Pro were sold it wasn’t needed. But I could jump back on that if you want some, wouldn’t be hard to put together.

I don’t know to be honest, but it was one of the first things I noticed after getting it, was how thin the ears are. Maybe it’s not an issue then, just kind of assumed it would be.

I figured if the printed piece was slotted to allow the coil ears to protrude through it, and the new ears of the printed part mimicked the factory ears, to mirror the coil’s ears (and slide right over the outside of the coil ears), it would basically double the thickness.

I do have a lower shaft for all 3 coils, so hopefully that will help minimize the possibility of damaging one.

Post a pic of what you have done.

I actually kind of like this

I should raise mine up because the batteries are hard to change with how it is designed.

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Wish I’d have known you had an AT, I’d have tossed-in a spare battery holder with the headphones.

I have spare battery holders. I make comments about settings on detectors that I have had or have now.
There are some people that make comments on videos or other forums about detectors, that way they think people will figure they are smart.

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Yeah, and fooling with getting it off/on is what concerns me as far as putting pressure on the already weak mounting lugs. Ditto with the coil and HP connectors.

It’s honestly ridiculous to manufacture a housing with such a weak mounting system and lack of clearance for connectors and battery access. I’m guessing they’re just using the same molds for the ACE Series in order to save a few bucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the detector, which is why it’s so bothersome. If I didn’t (like it) I’d sell it and try something else.

Received parts this AM, and installed. No more battery cap clearance issue, and feel better about breaking the thing fooling with the connectors.

Overall, satisfied buyer.