Ordered a new pouch

For a Independence Day gift to myself :grin:

Got the Pack Mule (on left) in digital camo.

Just got a call, out of Digital, so getting Woodland Camo instead.

Hope it doesn’t clash with my ATP Digital hat, lol

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I use the Pack Mule, bought it based on recommendations I saw from forum members, and I like it a lot so far. Very well made and designed.

edit: I have the Park Ranger, not the Pack Mule

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I saw one on a YT video and looked them up. Seems they get all good reviews, I also see there are fakes being sold (AMZ) as well.

I have the smaller Park Ranger. They’re excellent pouches!

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Love this pouch, I have the same one, did a video on it. Digger Supply Pack Mule Metal Detecting Finds Pouch Review - YouTube


Good review Chris. I did one on the smaller version a few years ago.

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Yours was the one that I saw which lead me to check them out.

So thanks for costing me $60, lol.

Colonial was where I’d ordered from. I ordered from them not long ago, so I was familiar with them, and they’re quick on shipping.

Here’s the warning about the fakes, for anyone else considering one:

** Warning: be careful of a Chinese company going by the name SHRXY selling ‘Digger Supply Pack’ pouches. They are using our description and our manufacturer’s name, Digger Supply. They are knock-offs and don’t compare to the true USA Digger Supply pouches.**

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I’ve been meaning to buy the smaller version, sometimes I’m just out for a quick spin and don’t need the big guy, and I buy detecting pouches like my wife buys purses, hahaha.

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I think they are the only place that sells it, minus the knock off that you pointed out.

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You’re welcome. :laughing:

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LOL, don’t know why, but that made me chuckle.

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Since I’d had the opportunity to wear/use this a couple times, I just wanted to share my initial impression.

First off, I like it, and think it’s well made. My only issue with it is the belt loops tend to pucker (pull) together. I wear a pouch on my left side as I don’t cere for it hanging out in front of me, the way I see some others prefer theirs,

I’ll probably find a way to attach the loops to the belt, or make some sort of “spreader” to hold them apart, not sure which yet.

Again, not a knock, just something I noticed, that and I should have waited for the digital camo, woodland is butt-fugly, lol.

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