One of my Favorites

This is definitely one of my favorites. It’s the first ever U.S. Army Enlisted man’s Tank Corp collar disk, issued out in 1917. Found it at the origin of the Tank Corp, Roosevelt’s field on Ft. Meade, MD.


Cool find!

Always a toss-up for me on which I like finding best, relics or coins.

So I’m left making the only possible choice.

Get both!

Very cool!

Very much awesome!



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I remember seeing those tanks at the Bovington Tank Museum. If you ever get to the UK it’s a must visit.

Mark IV - The Tank Museum - Mark IV

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That’s awesome, and I REALLY want to visit the UK…I think after my son graduates college I’m definitely dong it.

They actually have one of those tanks in the Ft. Meade Museum, but unfortunately with Covid they shut the Museum down. It was crazy seeing it in real life, that thing is huge!

I was there in 2000 in an NCO exchange program training with the Royal Marines at Salisbury Plain. Spent 2 weeks in the field then a week sightseeing. Visted Bovington museum, Stonehenge, Tower of London, the Gurkha and Royal Green Jackets museums and more. Took the Condor hydrofoil to Jersey and toured a WWII German underground hospital as well as a day fishing in the English Channel. And oh yeah, lots of pub visits that week too.

I saw all the tanks at Ft Meade. The King Tiger was intimidating.


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Thats way cool! Love the old, clunky looking tank!

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