No "All Metal" mode on AT Pro?

If Zero mode was “designed to detect all types of metal” (per the book), why do they say it has no all metal mode like the Gold and Max?

Or is it just word salad?

Simply a question of curiosity is all.

I think it’s because even though when you’re running in pro-zero, there is still some filtering going on. It’s like on the Fisher F75, you can open it wide open to accept everything, but it also has a completely separate motion all-metal mode, and targets react completely different in both modes. I would actually use the motion all-metal mode of the F75 to hunt rings in Army PT fields and did really good with it, best year was a couple dozen out of the dirt. Rings would react completely different from pulltabs in motion all-metal, a much stronger, crisper, and pronounced hit on rings.

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Most detectors don’t have all metal even though company’s claim they do have all metal mode.
The closest I have seen to all metal is the DFX using mixed mode along with VCO,or the F75 LTD in static mode.