New Permission!

Went out yesterday to a site close to my home. A field that is bordered by an old fire company and an 1848 Farmhouse. Started detecting near the home and I saw a young woman on the front porch. I walked over and said hello just to ask where their property line was located. She was very friendly and told me her husband detects a little just for fun and said I could detect on their property anytime I wanted. Cool! I continued hunting the farm field next to their land for about 1 1/2 hours and dug 6 buttons, 2 wheaties (1940 and 1919), the remains of a 1930’s Mickey Mouse pocket watch, decorative metal latch with several fleur-de-li markings and a silver dollar sized pewter piece. Thought I had a large coin at first. Anyone have an idea what this could have been?

Anyway, her husband came home soon after I started and he showed me his detector, a bounty hunter 3300. I gave him detecting tips and will be back to hunt around the farm with him and his 5 acres real soon. I think good finds are awaiting me.



Sounds like you had a day full of win!

Wonder if the pewter piece could be a large coat button?

Nice job. I’m jealous!

Out to the premission for a couple hours this morning. $1.37 in clad, my first ox knob, Mexico ring, 30 & 37 wheaties and another flat button. I have found 7 there in a few days’ time. But no silver or large coppers yet. Oh, never saw a button with this back mark before.



Found one like this too but gave it to the property owner.


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Have any idea if there was an old homestead there at one time? Hunted the top of that hill/rise yet?

Gotta be some coppers and silver there somewhere.

Congrats on the finds, never found an ox knob either.

The home was built in 1848. The neighboring house is 1770’s so old coins are there I just have not hunted the fields yet. Just right in front of the house. The nice thing is I can hunt either property whenever I want :grinning:


How can you go to sleep?


I couldn’t, knowing I had a site like that waiting for me.

Gotta be some silver there. I bet that ox knob sounded pretty good…

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Yes it did

I don’t remember ever finding a button with the back like that.

Initial impression of that button back is British. I thought when you said the wife told you it was ok to hunt. that you were then gonna say you hunted their home and the husband came home and was pissed! Cant believe she offered, and that he wasnt too concerned either with you hunting! If its 1770’s, theres got to be something good hanging around somewhere, dont care how many times its been detected. Sound like two great permissions with awesome potential to either one. You could pop some Civil or even Rev war stuff out of there!