New Members with Other Forum History

Howdy Folks! Just wanted to say if you are coming from another forum like Friendly, Findmall, Treasurenet, Detector Prospector, etc with an established posting history let me know with your handle there and I’ll set your trust level here to full trust. Trust level is forum feature here that starts new users out at a basic level and upgrades them as they participate in posts. Higher trust levels open up some additional forums you can access, and some additional features.


My username on Friendly Forum is “Chroma.”

On Friendly graybeard, Findmall rayoh, Treasure Net I can’t remember, Treasure Illustrated deadeye and Dankowski’s deadeye 22250
I didn’t post much on most of them.

Upgraded you to a Regular member.

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I recognized you right away and upgraded you a Regular Member graybeard.

Thank You

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My user name on Friendly is Clint in KY (they allow spaces in user names).

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Welcome Clint, just upgrade ya.

A thousand thank yous sir.


Good to see ya Clint!

Rrnp in Detector prospector

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Welcome, and just upgraded you :slight_smile:

I use the same JCR on Detector Prospector, Dankowski & Friendly. I use JCR TX on Find’s.