Needing schematic for Tesoro DeLeon

Here’s the tl;dr version, I need a schematic for my DeLeon.

Last hunt I use my DeLeon, I’d noticed a bit of “crackling”, a slight peck (and I mean slight) with a knuckle to the control box quieted it down.

After getting home, I pulled the face cover off and saw it was noticeably dusty/dirty inside. So some electronic cleaner took care of that. Didn’t fix the issue.

I’d seen 2 broken wires (from their connections on the board), and in the process of attempting to resolder those, broke 2 more.

Tesoros are known for their tiny control boxes, making many consider them as “toys”. That’s fine for most of the line of detectors. The DeLeon and Cortes however have a VDI screen, which is a totally separate board, which means there are 2 jammed into an extremely tight space. I’ve no doubt this is where the issue stems from.

I’ve looked, can’t find anything. I’d hate to simply set this detector aside, never to be used again. So if you happen to run across any info, please let me know.


I found schematics for numerous Tesoro’s, yet not the DeLeon. Some of the schematics show the source as “Carl’s Schematics”, so perhaps that’s a lead.

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Thanks Dig!

Will do some looking when I get some time.

You’re welcome.

It looks like Carl may have been a Tesoro tech, or this is a different Carl:

Carl at Tesoro | Find’s Treasure Forums (

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I did some searching, he was Lead Tech.

I appreciate the help. Maybe best I can hope for is if someone has one they need to open up anyway, will take some pics and post them somewhere they can be found.

Thanks again!

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What about enquiring on that forum if anyone knows Carl, or his contact info?

I found some info on him, including last name, also the fact he’ll be turning 73 in a couple weeks.

I’m gonna leave the guy to enjoy his retirement.

Not trying to be dismissive of your suggestion, just don’t want to bother the guy.

LOL, he’s probably had to join the witness protection program.

Again, many thanks!

Also found this:

Ha ha. Good point!

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