Name 2 coins you hope to find this year

That you haven’t found to date in your detecting career. Sure we all want to find some coin worth an astronomical amount, but I’m referring more to something you have a reasonably good chance to find.

I’ve never found a nickel older than a Buffalo, so I’m hoping for a Shield or V nickel.

Also never dug any 3-center, so keeping fingers crossed on anything mentioned.

While I have dug some LC’s, I’ve not dug any since moving to MS, over 7 years ago.


I really want to find a capped bust coin. Found plenty of Seated and even a Spanish silver, but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to get my coil over a bust coin.

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My biggest problem is lack of historical info/mapping. Best I can do is 1940-50’s, but I’m also sure there are lots of 1800’s properties, just no way to locate them in respect to the way I prefer to hunt (farm fields). I can only hope those areas I currently have permissions for, did indeed have homes on them long before the 40-50’s. I know some have, as I’d managed some IHCs and Barbers from the late 1800’s.

I’d certainly share in your desire to fine either of those you mentioned, but with the limited info I have to work with, I had to limit my hopes. That said, you certainly never know…

Hope you find yours!

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I’ve found 3 silver half dollars, but they were all at one site. Oh, and that was 30 years ago when I was in my early 20’s lol. I took a very long detecting break since then.

Still hoping for a silver dollar or dare I say it, a gold coin.

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I think I’d have to see if I could get permission to that site again. With the improvement in detectors over the past 30 years, there might be a silver dollar there with your name on it.

Anything seated and a silver dollar.


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It would cool to find any 1800s silver or any silver half dollar.

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I’ve daydreamed of going back to that site. It won’t happen though, because I moved and it’s now about 2000 miles away.

It was an open area surrounded by a beautiful Laurentian forest. It was very quite, calming, and serene. The site was used as park, picnic, and play area, and also had concession stands, a pool and playgrounds. It was used as such from about 1920 to 1960. I rarely ever saw anyone else there.

I would like to go back just for the serenity of the site, and the nostalgia. I doubt I would find much else though. I detected it on and off for about 3 years with a Fisher 1266X and various coils. I was “digging it all” and picked it out fairly well. The little I would have missed, have had another 30 more years to sink further.


Silver dollar or a gold coin.

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Check into lidar. It varies from state to state what resolution is available, but it can find old locations that arent even on the maps. See youtube for help. As for maps, checks and Historic Aerials: Viewer

You can also go to your county assessor or other govt entity that would handle plat maps and tax records and look to see where homes/businesses were in your area in the 1800’s

I would love to find a 20 cent piece and a trime. A gold coin goes without saying!

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A gold coin of course and a silver dollar older than 1870.