My Field Pouch Liners

Cut down juice containers fit perfect, they not only make dumping dirt easier (don’t need to empty pouch now), it makes it easier to put/take things in/out.


I ran with this idea when you posted it on Friendly’s. Brilliant.

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I like that canvas pouch, and have been using it for a good bit, plenty of room. The one thing I didn’t like was, it was always a bit on the “droopy” side once you put a bit of trash in it, and I’m talking mainly iron and brass, both of which are common being a field hunter. Those “liners” eliminate that.

Always like to find a repurposed use for stuff. Comes with being a tightwad. lol.

That padded belt (Kobalt from Lowes) made a big difference in comfort, and even bigger difference was when I added the suspension rig (Kobalt/Lowes).

Now I don’t need to cut myself in half at the waist to keep the belt up (especially when loaded).

Same belt and suspenders, both padded. Have had the opportunity to wear both for several hours at a stretch. Extremely happy with comfort.

I lucked out and didn’t even have to cut anything, I had a ton of these paint pail liners sitting around and it was a perfect fit.

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Wanted to add a little more info to my set up. Better view of my “heavy duty” (field set up) pouch. The Garrett (Wilcox) digger is transferred between pouches. I take it in the field, but seldom use it there.

I also carry a few trimmed down survey flags to mark finds to try to mark/establish a field of finds. I pick them up when I leave.

Not shown in stock pic of suspension rig, on the front are a couple handy pockets. I keep my glasses in the closeable one.

I use a less bulky set up on shorter hunts:

I can’t find a keeper box big enough to hold all those halves and dollar size coins I intend to be digging soon, so I carry 2. Wishful thinking perhaps?

And my “light duty”, mostly parks and ball fields, just to look less “destructive” for lack of a better term, and meaning in the eyes of the masses. Not much bigger than 6" square. There’s a gallon ziplock baggie in it I clip to a carabiner for trash and junk, so people can see I remove it.

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Thank you, that’s a good idea

Carrying that much stuff for me would end my day of detecting really fast.
I have a lite pouch with two compartments, one for trash and the other good targets. I carry digger and pinpointer in my hand.

LOL, I am a bit of an “over-preparer”, usually, either that or I’m totally unprepared.

I’ve never had a problem with what I carry in, it’s what I carry out that’s the problem. Trying to clear iron/cans out to find some better targets.

The suspension set-up makes a night and day difference.

Awesome idea