More AT Pro questions

Today being my 1st actual use, I have questions.

1st hunt (ball field) at the ballpark, no issues, solid signals were all coins.

2nd hunt, lots of noise, much of what I considered to trash. Overhead power lines, Pro/Zero/ 30 iron disc/ Iron Audio Off/ GB’d (IIRC ended up around 80)/ lowered sens (to 3 bars).

If I raise the coil a foot, no noise. So is it all trash, or possible EMI (or combo of both)?

Also, I get a high tone, with a mid tone on “either side” if that makes sense. Didn’t have time to dig many, but all were trash. Is that pretty much SOP, I mean, I know there’s always exceptions, but do any of you dig those, or solid hits only?

Not looking to cherry pick this site, and will pretty much dig it all, which will help the learning process, just trying to get a head start.

I’d just run across a note out in the barn I’d intended to take with me when hunting. It was notes I’d made reading what settings others use.

It seems I may have had my Iron Disc set a bit low, as most I’d read set it around 38.

I want to double check to be sure notes are close (as much as possible).

Broken tone, jumping VDI= Trash
52-= Nickel/Gold
62= Gold ring or pull tab
79-81= '82 and older Penny
81- Dime
85-85= Quarter or Silver

Other notes I’m not sure what I meant?
40 and v Gold or Foil

60-70 “Blip” Bottle Cap/Zinc Penny


I hunt in zero mode, zero disc with a negative ground balance of 10 numbers. To do a negative ground balance, after balancing the detector push balance and release quick then use minus button and lower 10 numbers, then push balance button and release.
With the chattering noise did you try doing a frequency offset?

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Will give the GB setting a try.

LOL, tried freq shift, but not having the manual with me, couldn’t remember how.

Yeah…I know.

Heading back out there this AM, and will try again.

I have done the same with frequency shift with a different detector, I couldn’t remember how to do it.

Did do it this morning, and is definitely seemed to help. Site is probably has more trash than any other place I’d hunted.


ETA: And that was both of your suggestions I tried.

OK, so any suggestions on some lighter weight headphones or some sort of ear buds?

ETA: Maybe the Garrett Treasure Sound (only $16)

Between the temps and humidity, my ears get sweaty. A volume would have been a good idea.

I probably have enough stuff I might build a plug-in mini speaker box with volume control (I understand I’ll need a 1/4" adapter cable, which I plan to buy anyway).

ETA: Tinkering with external speaker and volume control for AT Pro