Minelab Manticore

Somehow I’m a little late to the party, but just saw yesterday that Minelab introduced their new hobby detector, the Manticore. Haven’t really watched much on it, but I did notice the screen was giving me those Etrac/CTX 3030 vibes.

Is it supposed to have anything ground breaking over the Equinox?

To me, it looks like the offspring of a CTX and Nox. Apparently its going to have disc patterns and Target Trace like the CTX, paired with a 100 point ID scale and a Multi IQ engine under the hood. It looks interesting for sure. I’ll probably pre-order one this week.

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I’m definitely going to pre-order one. The 100 point ID scale is a big selling point for me, I’ve never liked compressed scales. I did see a video where it seemed like it was getting obliterated by EMI, so hopefully that isn’t the case. It’s the one thing I dislike about the Legend, one of the worst detectors I’ve used in terms of being affected by EMI. The Deus 2 on the other hand has spoiled me, I can almost always run it at 99.

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Same here with the D2. I did see a video on the Manticore saying it had some kind of new EMI cancelling technology. BUT, I also saw that video of them using it and it seemed to be going nuts.

It’s gonna have to really blow away the Nox before I plunk down that kind of cash.



I’m also going to wait till it proves itself.


That’s probably a good idea. If I had any sense, I’d do the same. I’m impatient though, and someone has to be the guinea pig!

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Oink oink!

I’ll gladly have you as the tester.

I have about $8000.00 in metal detecting gear now. Not getting any more detectors, unless it blows them all away. I’m not seeing that happening with the manticore just yet.

I’ve heard from two unrelated people the manticore is the etrac replacement. The ctx replacement will be a year or two behind this one. They are saying the ctx replacement will blow your mind!


I thought I read shipping starts mid December.

If anybody get a date put it up.

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Crap! Man I’ll be pissed if I buy this thing and then they release an even better one! Lol

I’ll be waiting to see if there is indeed a significant difference that would justify all the hoopla, then decide.
Has anyone heard the word, “gamechanger” yet?

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Yes, I cant see this as being their flagship product, but more as a stop gap measure to cut the legs out from under the Deus 2. There just doesn’t seem to be enough new advancements built into this machine to make it truly stand out from the competition. It will probably be a good machine, but it wont be leaving others in the dust. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a bit for the real CTX replacement

I’m leaning in the other direction. I think the Manticore will replace the CTX as the Flagship.

As much as I love FBS, I think it’s done. This new machine has combined features of the CTX and the Equinox, which is what a lot of us have been asking for.

I believe they’ll sell out the remaining inventory of the CTX, then it’ll be dropped.


I’m going to buy another Excalibur II and wait for things to pan out. I’ll have 3 excals now.

I was told a year ago the new ctx would have imaging. It will blow your mind! Is what I was told.

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