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This spot is for YOU to post YOUR feedback, ideas, and suggestions about this site.

Without Members, a site is simply a page on the internet. We want this to be about the Membership, and not a place where what you want and think doesn’t matter. So by all means, if you see something you don’t like, or there’s something that would be beneficial to the Membership, post up, don’t be bashful.

You’re free to speak your mind without repercussion in that regard.

Also, there are areas provided where things are a bit more “relaxed”, so you can feel free to rant, unload, or just unwind.

Please save the more “adult language” for those areas.

This is a new site, and new to us, so help us improve it, and understand it’s still in it’s infancy, so you may see some changes being made as time passes.

Welcome everyone, post up, and enjoy your time here!



Here is a helpful video on how the forum works and all the features.

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