Maybe Old Gold

Today I went out for a few hours to a new spot I researched. It is a pre-1895 demolished farmhouse, across the street from a church established in the 1880s. The house is off a major road and wasn’t torn down until the 1990s, so I think it’s likely the place has been detected before. That being said, I had a great first day.

Here’s what I found excluding a couple pounds of aluminum canslaw and some other junk.



Valve stem manufactured by Dill of Cleveland Ohio. Brass, might be from a Ford Model T.


Part of a pocket watch movement (brass). No manufacturer markings that I can see.

Copper bow brooch, 1950-D wheat cent.


Two-piece U.S. eagle button manufactured by Horstmann of Philadelphia. Cursory online searching tells me this is Indian Wars era, maybe 1870s or 1880s. Shank is broken off.


The best find of the day, a small ring that weighs no more than a couple grams. Here is a close up of the marking on the inside. 18 and a cross, which I assume means 18K, though not sure what the cross indicates.

The ring came out the ground clean on the inside, with the copper corrosion on the outside. It appears to be a solid (but thin) gold band with a layer of copper on the outside that is flaking off.

I scraped through the copper layer on the outside and hit gold, so I don’t think this is gold plated. I think it’s the real deal, and it might be antique gold. I will soak it in vinegar and see if the green layer comes off, leaving a gold band.


This ring gave a very solid “19” signal on the Vanquish 440, and I thought I would be digging an Indian cent. A (ostensibly) gold ring is about the last thing I expected to find at a farmhouse.

I’m excited to go back to this place and find some old coins now.

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update: ring is plated.

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Really good assortment of finds nonetheless, I’d be stoked with that any day.

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Thanks, here a few more recent finds from the same place


Great finds! That IHP is very nice.


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Thanks, it’s my favorite find from this place so far. Got some rain today so I might go back tomorrow.