Let’s see your boats if you have one

1993 Lund 1890 Pro V Tiller 90 hp

Copying my other post elsewhere, for those who don’t want to venture to the other areas.

Finally got pics uploaded to host (mostly to resize).

I’d repainted the motor prior to installing, not “factory” color, but a mix of some paints I had. Even threw in some small metal flake for bling, though you can’t tell in pic.

Rear 2 bank charger above motor well:

3 bank, under console seat.

Trolling rod holders, each held in place by a removable pin, so they can come off the boat if/when not needed. The white on the fencing is FRP (fiberglass reinforced panel) which I epoxied to the original fence panels to cover them on the outside, as they were a bit dinged-up, and didn’t look good. I built jigs to clamp the panels in place overnight to allow the epoxy to set.

Bar for pulling crankbaits, held in place by 1.5" dowels which fit down into the rod rack. So it simply lifts in and out. The rod holders (gray) I made from 1.5" PVC electrical conduit, cut to length, heated the ends, an flared them out with the neck of a beer bottle, then milled the slots for spinning reels to slip down into.

I made the outer ends to hinge up (for travel and backing into barn), as they protrude about a foot on either side of the boat.

Center console I built

PVC racks down each side for storage boxes (terminal tackle, crankbaits, etc)

I even built aluminum cup holder mounts to attach to the seats. Right in the center, on the front deck, someone had cut the deck and installed a livewell. In order for them to install it, they had to remove a portion of the center stringer. Stupidity at it’s finest. Obviously, livewell removed, and large hole repaired, and stringer(s) replaced (all of them).

I wish I had all the PB pics of the rebuild phase.

Deck was initially carpeted, not conducive for fishing, so I cleaned all the adhesive, filled any factory holes for wiring and controls, then coated the deck with Monstaliner (NOT “Monster”), which is a UV protected bedliner material, It is the best stuff I’ve seen/used, however it’s not cheap, but well worth the cost.