Interested in creeks, streams, smaller river detecting

Haven’t done any, but interested. I’m curious as to how to determine, short of getting in, bottom composition?

Example, have some local creeks, as well as The Little Tallahatchie. Most of the spots I currently would consider, are bordered by farmground, or simple roadside/bridge access.

Snakes, I’m told, are an issue here, so seasons also play an issue (to avoid them).

If the banks and waters edge soft, and a foot sinks in it, I’d assume the bed of the waterway would be the same? Not many (actually none come to mind) gravel bottoms I’ve seen here.

Any thoughts?

Just another option I’m kicking around in order to expand the options of places to detect, as well as possibly hitting some untouched areas.

I use a big beach scoop with a long handle. I’ll stick it out in front of me to check depth and bottom hardness.

I’ve been to places the muck is 5 feet thick.


Good idea. I hadn’t bought a scoop yet, because it’s not something I’m 100% sure I’m going to do yet, especially if I were to learn all the creeks here were badly silted in, making the unable to be waded/hunted.