If anyone knew "Digger27"

I’d just read a post on FM that he’d passed-away. I didn’t know him, but likely interacted with him on the forums over the past.

Regardless if I did/didn’t, RIP Digger27.


Below is from DP:

I am known as digger27 on most forums, REVIER on FM, I sold tons of F2’s for Fisher after many read how deeply I explored that one, I coined the phrase “Church of the Compadre” after starting a thread that kind of went viral, I have been called an “expert” by Dankowski and many others because of what I discovered and posted about how the F70 works and the huge amount of settings I have experimented with.

I spoke with him on a few occasions. He was a really nice guy. RIP Digger27.

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Man, that’s sad…I always loved his posts, and just seemed like an all around great guy.

Lost another good man. RIP