I love my nox so much

I sold it and bought excal #3 for me.

This one is going to be dedicated to the WOT coil.

Nox is a great machine, just not for me.

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Always wondered how durable the Excalibur is. I’m always reading about people replacing knobs, batteries etc. Of course, underwater hunting is rougher on a machine than land hunting, especially if you’re dipping it in saltwater

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I think many of the guys who have problems would with any detector.

My first excal still had the original knobs and battery. I bought it about nine years ago.

I’ve put it through hell the last three years on recovery calls.

This one I just bought is eight years old with the original battery. He changed the knobs because of all the comments on the forums.

I hunt fresh water and don’t have the issues the saltwater guys have. I know you need to rinse the machine off after coming out of the salt water. Lubricate the cables a couple of times a year with silicone.

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