I gave my HF tumbler what every tumbler needs


OK, not more power, but a little more speed. I’d split a couple lengths of 1/2" pvc and wrapped the roller shafts with it, then used mans best friend (not a dog, duct tape) to hold the split halves to the shafts.

This gives the drive shaft a slightly larger diameter, which in turn causes the drums to spin slightly faster, reducing tumbling time.

Good mod. That’s a harbor freight right?


Yes Sir, and thanks.

Been using it like that for a few years, no issue.

Smart thinking :thinking:

Also, if you ever need a belt for one, look at vacuum sweeper belts. The provided one didn’t last long, the sweeper belt is still going strong.

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Thank you, good idea. I don’t have a tumbler yet but I am thinking of picking one up

I have a HF tumbler for 2 years now and it works great.