A few years ago, I was building/selling these simply for something to do. I’d sold several sets, and everyone was happy with them. There was one issue with a Minelab owner, where they wouldn’t work on his ML.
(I refunded his total cost, including shipping)

These are built from Stanley (hearing protection) shells. The speakers are 600ohm (from mouser) which were the preferred speaker for MD 'phones.

I have $60 just in material invested in each set, and was selling them for $70 + shipping, again, for something to do. Ran across a few sets in a tote in the shed while straightening up, and want to unload them at a more than fair price, which will be a loss for me, but they’re certainly doing no good in a tote.

So I will sell them shipped USPS Priority, for $55/pr. That’s $40 for the 'phones and $15 to ship (medium flat rate box). If you want 2 pairs, $90 shipped as they will cost no additional shipping, and that puts the cost of the 2nd set at $35.

USPS Money Orders only, unless Chris will vouch for you, in which case a personal check would be accepted. Sorry, I don’t do any sort of online payments.

** I would consider working a deal on a 5x8 Garrett coil for AT series if you have one** EDIT 6/3 I’ve ordered a coil, so that’s off the table now.

They are dual volume control, with stereo/mono switch. Notice in the 1st pic, most of the control knobs are on the sides of the cups, one set I believe is a bit lower (top left end), in the event you have a preference. All have straight 1/4" plugs.

One set (only 1) has a removeable cord, from the headset. Honesty I can’t recall if this was for the wireless deal, or what.

Now, just so you know, and I’m not sure if this is normal to other HPs, as I’ve used my own for years, but the material under the headband will peel, here is one starting.

I have an AM/FM set that’s well over 5 years old, which did the same thing.

All were tested before being stored, but will check each set sold again before shipping. Let me know if you have any questions.

Editing to add I’d found 1-set of single cup. I’ll tell you ahead of time, if you wear this for hours, you’ll feel the pressure of the pad on your melon. I just reposition it, or switch sides.

I’d take $45 for this one (delivered)