Hacked on my field shovel this morning

This is the Kobalt trenching shovel I bought a few years back. I cut the blade off and re-angled it on the handle as I didn’t like the way it came, so I aligned it to be straighter to the handle. Then I shortened the handle and added a D-handle.

I really liked it, but broke the handle using it to dig-up tree stumps, and never found a replacement handle I liked.

I’ve been wanting to make it “useable” again, so this morning I removed the old fiberglass handle, which was a fun job, and replaced it with a piece of metal tubing I had, similar to metallic thinwall electrical conduit, and added a PVC T-handle, so no cost involved.

This will be strictly farm field use, so won’t be seeing any hard packed dirt (have a Predator for that), so little concern for it holding-up. In the event It doesn’t, I’ll just go buy a wooden handle for it.

48" tall, and 3-1/4 lbs.