Got a call today

A few weeks ago I’d called and left a voicemail asking for permission. Didn’t hear back, so I mailed a letter explaining what I wanted, and a bit about myself. I told them I’d not bother them again once I’d sent the letter.

Driving home from grocery store this AM, and got a call, it was the property owner. Talked a few minutes, super nice guy.

Permission granted.

Waiting on a couple more deliveries, one being parts for my washer I currently have torn-apart, so either later this week or 1st of next.


Nice, good luck. Is this an old house you’ve gotten permission for?

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I’d initially thought it was a Church and School, but the owner says he never knew of them there.

This is on early 1940’s map (oldest that’s available here), so when I got home, I re-did the overlay to Google Earth, and I was wrong, however there was a road which went right through the same spot, and a few homes did in fact stand there in the 40’s.

Having worked from the same era maps, I have more than once, run into the occasion where there were older coins, into the later 1800’s.

Heck at this point I’ll dig anything! LOL. But 40’s certainly gives a good shot at silver, but I’ll be happy with whatever I can find.

UPS claims my last 2 packages are coming today, and if that’s the case, I might shoot for Thursday morning. Oh, this nice land owner also mentioned he owns all the property for 2 miles, so there’s a good chance of locating more spots to hunt.

ETA: Forgot, and thanks!

Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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Thanks, and sure will.

Did get both packages today, and washer put back together, so as long as there’s no issues with landowner, I should be out there Thursday.

ETA: And this is cattle fields, so no crops, just patties.

Hope you find lots of coins.
In case you don’t know cow patties do sound off on detectors.

Thanks GB! LOL, Spoke with property owner this AM, and no cattle on the land currently, so hopefully won’t be swinging around them.

Looks like I’m on for the morning, hoping to find anything pic worthy.

Cow’s I don’t mind except they get nosey. Bull’s are another story.


Cows get nosey, bulls get horny.

Add another flop to the list. Last 2-3 permissions haven’t produced.

Field was in cotton, so I stayed out of that, hunted a couple very small grassy areas, and walked a couple hundred foot of creek bottom. Little bits of melted aluminum everywhere.

Oh well, good to get the blood pumping again and enjoy a nice morning.

I’ll get 'em next time…lol