Going out to play this mornng

Going to a local ball field I’d been to once before. No age to the property, and just pulled a bit of clad before my knees told me “enough”. So I’m not expecting any/much in the way of finds.

Main purpose is it will be the 1st time swinging the new AT Pro, so looking forward to that. Going lightly “armed”, with just the dinky “Park Pouch”, a pinpointer, and my coin-popping screwdriver.

I may not even recover the 1st target, just depends. Another hope in going is to run into the guy I’d met there before (caretaker) in hopes he has some info on the old property he’d mentioned to me before, but I don’t have my hopes up, as I’d given him my number and never heard back from him.

Gonna go back to the ball fields to hit some more clad this AM. Detecting at that old shack wasn’t conducive to helping me learn a new detector, so back to a spot that wasn’t a beer can/trash landfill.

While out, I’m going to drive by the wheat fields, just to see if anything’s happening there, which is doubtful due to the recent rain, but there was a prior day it was nice/dry, so I just want to be sure they hadn’t got a start. Be nice if it had, and I could get into one of those fields instead.

Worse case, I end up with some clad, best case, something older. Either way, any day detecting, is a good day.

Good luck, you never know with ball fields especially if they were established in the silver coin era. I’ve found several silver rings at athletic areas that sound just like clad quarters.

Today it won’t be above 80° so I am thinking about going down the street to the 1820s farmhouse site I posted about earlier.

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No age to this field (actually 2), but I already knew I was gonna be digging clad. One always hopes for a possible ring, or other piece of jewelry.

But it was not to be.

Posted clad hunt in Finds.

ETA: I’m liking the ATP so far, and starting to get the hang of it.