Getting permissions hint

I was in the hobby for a long time and took a break due to some medical issues. I learned something back then. I never knock on a door with any digging tools with me. I do bring my detector and a silver quarter. I always get questions about how the detector works and I am able to toss the quarter into the grass and immediately “find it” with the detector. No one has ever asked my how are you going to get it when it is under ground. At one older house the owner’s son watched my demonstration and followed us around the house for about four hours.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Clint. I’m kind of the same, I never wear digging clothes when door knocking. Usually will have on jeans and a polo go get past those people that will initially judge you for what you’re wearing.

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This is something I need to get the nerve up to do (asking permissions on homes). Way the world is today, I’m afraid everyone considers everyone else a threat of some sort or another.

Why I stick to farm ground, never an issue.

You can try my Nextdoor app method. Never even left my house this year and have more permissions than I can count. Just did one of them this morning, though I got skunked…just 2 wheats.

Don’t have it around here, I looked.

Spent much of the afternoon on Google Earth, Regrid, and USGS Maps looking for some possibilities.

LOL, I’m jonesin’ bad for a place to hunt. Just gonna have nut-up or shut-up I guess. Rain in the forecast most of the week, so good a time as any.

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