Geolocating YouTube Videos

I found a tool that lets you geolocate YouTube videos with embedded location information. You just search your area by distance by keyword. For example if I search my area with a 50Km radius I find a bunch of videos geolocated on a map overlay, one showing a hidden homesite in the woods I had no clue about. Some are geolocated within a larger distance, but you can look at the video and go map hunting to find out where it is. Some are geolocated down to the exact spot. So much for those safe camera angles trying not to reveal spots.

Thanks neighbor, I was wondering where the 1600’s sites were :star_struck:

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Actually, looking into this more it looks like YouTube strips the original metadata out and is adding the metadata back in if a user is inputting location data. Weird to me that some people would be filling that in, even in a general area if the town is small like a bunch around me it’s easy to go into street view and locate the exact spot.