Gave it a shot today

Cut grass this AM, showered and headed out for a short drive to knock on a couple doors.

First one was the guy who owns the property the track was on. No one home.

So I went to the Church to see if I could find anyone around to check about a corner lot with some large trees where a home once stood. The house next door is a large Manor type home, so I’m guessing this one may have also been.

Anyway, got an answer at the Church, got a “semi” yes, guy I’d spoken with said I might also call the man who initially owned the property prior to donating it to the church. So I have a call in to him.

In speaking with the guy at the Church, he did express some concern about digging up the property and leaving a mess, to which I assured him wouldn’t happen. I explained there are people in many hobbies who lack the skill and/or respect of others property to be responsible in their recovery methods.

I’d also taken a minute to ask him about the track. He said the High School once stood there, and had a football field, and after outgrowing the property, it was sold and a horse track put in. I stopped back by the track property owners on the way out of town, because I saw a guy on a mower, but in speaking to him, he was the neighbor and informed me the guy was out of town until tomorrow (probably not the smartest thing to tell a stranger).

So I’m going to the Church property early Monday AM to do a little swinging to see what type of signals I run across. I’ll flag them, and see if I can’t get the original property owner to come see how I do things, that is in the event he has an issue of any sorts. I’d also let them know I’d gladly return any personal items I found, since the property had been in the family for a long time.

Hopefully I can maybe catch the track owner at home Monday as well and get permission there, as that would give me several days of detecting, if the initial first few hunts provided anything worth continuing.

While I’m here, they lady I’d called Wednesday, and left a message, I sent her a letter today explaining the reason for my call. She didn’t return my call, and I let here know in the letter that I wouldn’t bother her again. This was a property with a Church and a School, so I’d sure like to be able to hunt it, and I’d be sure it hadn’t ever been detected.

We shall see…

Just got a text from the original property from the Church lot, it’s GAME ON!!

I’m tickled to death to have an old site to hunt. As a bonus, he’d asked me to let him know if I found a “2 carat diamond ring”, he’d like to “buy it back”. Of course I told him I’d accept no money for it in the event I did find it, or any other jewelry, as he was welcome to have any of it. LOL, he thought it was lost around 1920, so I’m going to bet that property dates back into the 1800’s.


Good luck! Post your results

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Will do, and thanks! Supposed to get some rain tomorrow (Sunday), which would be great. I’m going to tread easy going in, as I can likely go back a few times, and a bit more rain forecast for later next week.

I’m hoping this could lead to some other permissions, and if nothing else, I have a reference in a town I’m unfamiliar with.

Oh, and there were 2 small schools across the road, so I plan to explore that as well.

ETA: And I have that kid on Christmas Eve anxiety going, LOL!


That’s the kind of hunt I go low and slow with and grid out like a madman. Good luck, hope you come back with some amazing finds to post tomorrow.

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Good luck. Hope the weather holds out.


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LOL, know how I know you’ve been working too much Chris?

I’m going Monday, today’s Saturday.

Thanks Steve! Monday/Tuesday upper 80’s, over 10 degrees cooler than it has been.

Hahahaha, dang, for some reason I thought yesterday was Sunday…I just figured that today isn’t Monday as I went to goto work and my neighbors that leave for work before me trucks were still all parked. I have a staycation July 1st to July 10th, I can’t wait.

Hmm, now I’m curious - howd the Church property go?