Garrett/Wilcox Digger and Headphone Contest (CLOSED)

Just ordered a couple diggers, here’s the style to be given away:

As well as a set of dual cup, dual volume control headphones, with mono/stereo switch, and 1/4" straight plug cord.

Here’s the deal, you have to be a currently registered member, no registering just to enter. If you registered after the time of this posting (2PM), you’re ineligible, but you’ll be in for the next one.

You must have a minimum of 10 substantial posts by Contest end, Sunday night. One word posts won’t cut it, this contest is for forum participators. Next go 'round it will likely be more. Again, participation matters.

Here’s a pic of the back of my old truck:

Under the rag in my tag. Guess the last 2 digits of it, and you win. If no one hits it exactly, closest one WITHOUT going over, wins. I will uncover the last 2 digits and post pic to announce the winner. If someone happens to hit it exactly, I’ll announce it then and Contest ends.

You can only enter ONCE. If someone has already posted, you can’t use the same number, no duplicate numbers.

Ends at midnight, my time, Sunday night, entries after that are invalid, as are any which fail to meet the requirements stated above.

Note that I can’t ship until I receive the digger myself, sometime next week. They’ll be shipped USPS with Del Conf.


Thanks for doing this!

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Well, with only 2 entered that gave you both pretty good odds.

Graybeard was closer, therefore the winner.

I’ve not received delivery date yet on the diggers, but when ever you get time, PM me your address, and when they do, and I get your package headed your way, I’ll send you tracking #'s.

Thanks to both!

Won’t be long, they’ll be another.

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Thanks for the contest. You can give the digger to someone that needs it …I have plenty of diggers. How do you do PM messages on this forum? Explain in a way a dummy can understand it, because I am computer illiterate.

Hi Graybeard, you can click on their name or picture, and then you will see a couple options pop up, one of those to send a message.

Question about PMs how do you check them?

Click your profile photo (you don’t have one, so click the green G icon) in the upper right, and you’ll get 4 tabs that pop up with stuff underneath. One of those tabs is an envelope icon, where your private messages are located.

Replied to your PM before seeing this. In that case, 'phones will be going out in the next day or two.

I’ll just include the digger in the next contest.