Funny how things work

Years ago, evidently on TQ, as I hadn’t been there for years, I started a charity type activity in order to help get a detector for someone in need. Some may remember it if you were active there. I was lurking different sites this AM, and ran across this.

Not that it matters, but it’s funny how my involvement (and posts) have been completely wiped from it’s history.

My instructions, when I fabricated “Metal Man” were to send it around for one year, then auction it off, and use the funds to purchase a detector for someone who shouldn’t afford to buy one.

I have no clue how this ended-up, but the thread faded out in 2014. I hope someone in need ended up with a detector out of it. If not, it’s a shame those involved ignored the purpose of it.

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What is TQ?


Huh, I have never heard of that forum before. I did just find them doing a google search.

What I also just found out doing a google search is this forum has just hit position number 13 in the search results, we are just about ready to pass Dankowski’s forum which is position number 12.

I was a bit more active on different sites several years ago, but quickly realize it’s pretty much the same people posting the same things, lol.

So I narrowed it down to one or two, then took a break for a few years. On my “return”, I made the mistake of choosing the wrong site to become active on.

The rest is history…lol.

Between the economy and temps (at least in the south), things are slow everywhere. I do refuse to give a particular site my traffic, so other than lurking Finds, DP, and YouTube, this is the only place I’m active on, and I’m sure it will remain that way.

TD’s site I suppose is great for the technical aspect of things, but I’m just not that into that side of the hobby. Nothing wrong with it, just not my interest. I’m more into sites and finds more than anything else.