Fun Day Planned Today

Today I’m linking up with OBN and another local detectorist that goes by Tommy Buckets at my neighborhoods private beach to do some detector comparisons against OBN’s machines.

I suck on the beach, some critter ate up my wetsuit over the winter and the water is still freezing, so I’ll just be in water up to my knees probably. OBN’s plan is to hit the beach with his Aquamanta (is that what that machine is called?) and find all the deep stuff another local beach hunter who has pounded that beach pretty good couldn’t find.

Will be nice to learn a little from the Master Yoda of beach detecting.


Good luck, and have fun!

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I would listen to every word of advise he gives you.

He is the master of the beaches.

My house thought it would be a good idea to start falling apart over the holiday weekend.

Yesterday about noon the dryer stopped working. Parts on order.

Then the valve in the shower started leaking. That’s the plan for today is changing the guts in the shower valve.

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That was a good day Chris, a few bumps in the road but it takes me a few times out to get all synchronized. That Tommy B with his D2 was Hot! Funny, his drysuit looked to be about 5 sizes to big for him but that did not stop him from digging a nice old gold. Thanks CW3, just a old pirate who gets lucky sometimes…


Good to see you here Joe!

Glad to see you back in the water.

I had Chris set you up your own OBN’S Mod Corner. That should have been done 20 years ago for you. All your info in one spot. No searching all over the place to find it.


Thank you!
You know you could be right, I’ve saved a lot but it sure would be easy just to post a link and let others find what they need. And even for me…

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Master OBN Kenobi is here!!! In all seriousness, I had a great day out. While my suitless self didn’t jump in the water, I learned A LOT just talking to you and watching you and Tommy get put together for the water. I’ve already been dry suit shopping, and I’ll message you about one you said to check out.

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Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Chris earned 1 demerit for zero finds.

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I found a 1976 Memorial and a plastic easter egg with two slimy hershey eggs inside. Boom!

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Mem’s don’t count, and the only way to have the demerit rescinded is if you ate the slimy chocolate eggs, and OBN confirms. Photographic evidence would even +1.

Outside of that, you’re SOL.